[brushes your hair] hey

[bakes you cookies] hey guess what

[kisses ur cheek] ur very special and important and i love you

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you can follow my new blog here because i'm never on this one

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The choices that we make through our lives, the people who intersect us on our path kind of change what our fated destiny is. So some of us are lucky enough for the choices that we make to keep us on our path.

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your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness

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Allison Wade -  Break-up Texts; 2013-2014

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Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. What is it, Stiles?

A shadow.

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME2/5 female characters » Poussey Washington

"My name is Poussey! Accent à droite, bitch."

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And if I grow to be half the man that you are, Clara Oswald, I shall be happy indeed.

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except you’re boring. you’re on the side of the angels.
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